How to become a Tax Agent in UAE

Tax Agent

What is the role of a Tax Agent? or Who is a Tax Agent?

The FTA has made provisions for qualified and accredited individuals to help Taxable Persons with VAT compliance. Tax Agents are the people that work in this field. Here we are explaining more in details about a TAX agent in UAE.

A person who is registered with FTA is a TAX Agent. A Taxable Person can designate a TAX agent to represent him/her before the FTA and assist him/her in meeting his/her tax responsibilities and exercising his/her tax rights. A Tax Agent can help taxable individuals properly comply with their tax requirements while saving them time and effort.

What are a Tax Agent’s Responsibilities/ Duties?

A Tax Agent’s responsibilities include:

  • Keep any information collected in the course of performing his or her obligations as a Tax Agent secret/ confidential.
  • Assisting Taxable Persons with their tax obligations in accordance with the contractual agreement between the Taxable Person and the Tax Agent.
  • Provide all information, documents, records, and data required by the FTA regarding the Taxable Person he/she represents if and when requested.
  • Refuse to engage in any project or plan that could lead to a violation of any law or jeopardize the integrity of the tax system.

How to become a Tax Agent?

When an applicant passes the registration conditions mentioned by the federal tax authority, the Federal Tax Authority will assess the application and issue a preliminary approval. The Registration Requirements:


  1. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in tax, accounting, or law from a recognized educational institution; or, if the Bachelor’s degree is in any other field, a tax certification from an internationally recognized tax institution.
  2. At least three years of recent professional experience in tax, accounting, or law.
  3. Written and spoken language proficiency document in Arabic and English.
  4. A certificate of good behavior./ Good Conduct
  5. A medical fitness certificate.


Pass the Tax Agent exam given by the Authority.


AED 3,000 is required to register as a Tax Agent (renewable every 3 years).


Hold or be covered by professional indemnity insurance.

It is illegal to work as a tax agent without first completing the registration process and gaining accreditation from the FTA.

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